Registration Checklist

For re-registration (students who are currently enrolled and plan on returning next year):


_____            Student Enrollment Form.

_____            Agreement of School Policies Form.

_____            Family Tuition Worksheet/Tuition Payment Preference Form.

_____            Emergency Medical Authorization Form – one per child.

_____            Physical Education Authorization – one per child.

_____            Information Regarding Legal Custody.

_____            Acceptable Use Policy.

_____            Media & Photo Consent and Release Form.

_____            PK Authorized Pick Up List and/or Student Dismissal Authorization – Gr. K through 8th.

_____            Health Examination Form for Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten students. Health exam must be current within a year.  Due by August 1st.

_____            Student Assessment Form for Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten students. 

_____            Registration Fee:  $150.00, 1st child; $75.00 each additional child.   Technology Fee:   $25.00 per child


Registration is accepted once the completed packet is returned to school office along with registration and technology fees.  Some families may need to meet with the principal before registration is accepted.


For NEW STUDENTS, PK, Kindergarten and elementary school:  New students must schedule an appointment to meet with the principal for registration.


All of the above forms plus the following:

_____            Authorization for Records Release.

_____            Permanent Record Card.


Plus the following documents:

_____            Copy of birth certificate. 

_____            Current immunization record.

_____            Certified copy of any shared parenting plans or any child custody or legal guardian information.  

      The entire court document must include the pages bearing the case number and the page bearing the judge’s signature and court seal. 

_____            Copy of Baptismal certificate, Penance certificate, First Communion certificate and Confirmation certificate, if applicable.

_____            KG-8th grade:  Copy of last report card and full transcripts.

_____            Letter fr​​om previous school stating that any tuition and fees owed to the school are paid in full.

_____            Copy of psychological assessment, evaluations, IEP, IIP, MFE, (multi-factored evaluations) or other special education reports, if        applicable.

_____            PK:  Notice of Child Care Placement and Payment Letter, if applicable.

_____            Registration Fee:  $150.00, 1st child; $75.00 each additional child.  Technology Fee:   $25.00 per child