Our Faculty

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish School is staffed by Mercedarian Sisters, Priests and lay teachers highly qualified in their subject area.

Parish priests play an active role in the education of students and extracurricular activities.

Current faculty member accreditation:
  • Early Childhood certification
  • Ohio state certification
  • Masters level certification

Staff Directory

Name Position

Sr. Mary Rosario Vega, HMSS Principal / Administrator    
Sr. Jeanette Marie Estrada, HMSS
Vice Principal    
Michelle Zone Assistant to the Principal,
Administrative Assistant
Shelley Mellino School Nurse
Student Services

Megan Kilbane Pre-K 4 Teacher    
Ramona Caraballo Pre-K 3 Teacher    
Lynne Pierce Kindergarten Teacher    
Katherine Dixon 1st Grade Teacher    
Caitlin Bias 2nd Grade Teacher

Gina Feijoo 3rd Grade Teacher    
Jan Shepherd 4th Grade Teacher

Yamarie Martinez 5th Grade Teacher    
Meghan Namestnik 6th Grade Teacher    
Shelley Schenek 7th Grade Teacher    
Becky Rivera 8th Grade Teacher    
Sr. Dolores Castellanos Spanish (Gr 3rd-8th)
Library supervisor
Sr. Isabel Rodriguez Catholic Doctrine & Spanish
Kindergarten Teacher Aide
Amanda Cully Catholic Doctrine (Gr 3rd-8th)
Physical Education (PK - 3rd)
Claude David Music (PK-8th) 
Physical Education (1st - 8th)
Traci Rath-Detwiler Art (PK-8th)
Computers (PK-5th)  &  Marketing
Carolyn Ciryak Pre-K4 Teacher Aide 
Computers (6th-8th)
Sr. Stella Contreras, HMSS Kindergarten Teacher Aide    
Chris Dobrowski 1st Grade Teacher Aide
Extended Care
Teresa Arteaga Custodian    
Ermes Pimentel Custodian    
Maria Belmonte Cafeteria Staff    
Karen Zamanek  Librarian    
Sean O'Driscoll Basic Skills (Math)    
Lukcso Speech Therapist    
Donna Gonyon  Guidance Counselor     
Alison Clement Intervention Specialist